Pediatric Dentistry Services on Long Island, NY

It’s never too early to get your child started on the path towards good oral health. Great oral hygiene is extremely important for your child’s dental growth and development, especially when it comes to catching or preventing any type of dental diseases along the way. Our primary focus at Super Smiles is to help children of all ages and dental conditions – and even adults (YOU!). Our space-themed dental office provides the best pediatric and family dentistry services on Long Island, NY.

Here is a List of our Dental Services

  • Basic Dental Procedures

    We provide our patients (both children and adults) with cavity fillings, extractions, nerve treatments, crown placement and space maintainers.

  • Infant Dental Exam

    We encourage parents to participate in this “basic” exam, since it’s designed to educate parents on feeding habits and proper dental hygiene for their baby or child.

  • Age One Dental Visit

    The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry states that a child’s first checkup should occur by the age of 1. It is very important for us to check the baby teeth for signs of early cavities and for us to explain how to care for a young child’s mouth. We will go over basic developmental milestones and help educate you on the importance of good oral hygiene.

  • Preventive Care

    We highly recommend routine cleanings, periodically every 6 months, which consist of x-rays, fluoride treatment and applying dental sealants to prevent any type of tooth decay.

  • Treating Specially Challenged Children

    It’s sometimes more difficult for kids with special needs to get the right dental care. We can help you with the appropriate procedures and provide you additional personal, attention will visiting our awesome space-themed dental office!

  • Dental Sealant

    A sealant is a protective coating that is applied to the chewing surface of the primary and permanent molars. It is one of the most important preventative treatments available for your child and yourself. It is difficult to reach deep dental grooves with a toothbrush, which allows bacteria to collect and cause decay. The sealants we use will help protect the decay-prone surfaces of your child’s teeth by acting as a barrier.

  • Dental Surgery

    This may sound scary but it’s very common – for both children and adults! We are proud to offer soft tissue laser surgery which is less painful, less invasive and provides patients a much faster healing time.

  • Dental Fillings

    Fillings are used to help seal a small hole in your child’s tooth, that is caused by decay (which can be prevented by use of sealants!). This is a simple and painless procedure that further helps prevent future decay from spreading that can possibly infect the actual root canal – something we definitely don’t want happening to yourself or your child! Both tooth-colored fillings and metal fillings are available.

  • Dental Bonding

    We use tooth-colored cosmetic bonding materials to hide minor tooth defects or replace missing tooth structure. This is a great option for children and teens that want to hide tooth chips, irregular spacing or just discoloration. This service is typically for children (with mature teeth) and adults since this tends to be more for a permanent restoration.

  • Dental Crowns

    We use crowns to cover damaged teeth to help strengthen them and to make them cosmetically look and function properly again. We highly recommend using metal crowns, as a temporary solution, for baby teeth until the permanent adult teeth come in!

  • Sedation

    We take sedation very seriously at Super Smiles. We can use different levels of sedation, depending on your child’s needs. We use Nitrous Oxide which is a very mild sedation that helps lessens anxiety. We can also use another mild “conscious sedation” to provide a deeper level of sedation. Lastly, we provide I.V. Sedation, which is only administered by a board certified pediatric anesthesiologist (accompanied with a registered pediatric nurse).

  • X-rays

    Your child’s overall health and comfort is extremely important to us. We only use high quality, professional digital radiographs to limit exposure of radiation by more than 90%!

  • Fluoride

    The amount of fluoride vary from one area to another. Our doctors and staff are familiar with the levels of fluoride on Long Island. We can help you determine if supplemental fluoride may be recommended for your child and yourself.

  • Interceptive Orthodontics

    We want to make sure your child’s teeth are off to a good, straight start! Many parents are unaware that it’s actually easier to treat many orthodontic issues during childhood since the teeth is developing rapidly. We can make big changes in a short period of time by using standard braces, clear aligners or appliances (palatal expanders).

  • Space Maintainers

    Did your child lose a tooth? They may require a “space maintainer” to hold the space open until the permanent tooth refills the area. This is ideal since it helps your child’s bite develop properly, which can help you avoid the need for braces later.

  • Mouthguards

    Strong oral health doesn’t always stay in the bathroom! It’s very important for children to wear mouthguards while participating in sports or physical activity. We can custom mold a mouthguard to help reduce the likelihood of a serious dental injury.

  • Emergency Dental Treatment

    IF YOU HAVE A LIFE THREATENING OR SEVERE INJURY – CALL 911 OR GO DIRECTLY TO THE NEAREST HOSPITAL! We are always here to help treat dental injuries such as chipped, moved or entirely knocked out teeth. Please give our office a call for further assistance.